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We grow tasty, nutritious and organic leafy greens and herbs

Completely Sustainable

Using our cutting-edge technology, we are able to operate our farm using no soil, no sunlight, and 99% less water than conventional farming. This makes Satellite Farms’ facilities some of the most sustainable food production enterprises in the world.

Completely Automated

Our combination of robotics and artificial intelligence allows us to grow plants that are never touched by a human hand throughout their lifecycle. Our systems ensure that every leafy green and herb in our facility receives the special treatment needed to grow a great-tasting product.

Completely Local and Fresh

Our farms are located around demand centers, allowing us to grow our plants within 10km from your plate. Daily delivery in our refrigerated trucks of plants harvested the same day ensures a product that is fresh, clean, nutritious and tasty.

Completely Safe and Organic

Our plants are grown inside sterilized warehouses that are completely isolated from the outside world. We also never use any pesticides, fertilizers or chemicals throughout the entire lifecycle of our plants, making sure our produce is safe, organic and free from any harmful contaminants.

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We grow a wide variety of leafy greens and herbs. Contact us for a full product list!


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The Highest Quality Products. Never Touched By A Human. Grown Without Soil, Sunlight and 99% Less Water.

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